A funny conversation... - The Funny Thing About Cancer
For those of you who know my husband and I, you know that we're a little competitive.  Granted that competitive spirit usually comes with a side of sarcasm and humor.  Then again, if Chris kicks my butt in a board game, there's absolutely no humor to be found. 


Losing to my husband at Monopoly is NOT funny... well not until a few days later when I've cooled off and can laugh at myself for being too competitive.

Anywho, sometime in Chris' first weekend home, we were discussing something... I don't even remember what.

I think I reminded him about getting something done.  You know, I wanted to make him feel "at home" by assigning him a nice long "honey do" list :)  It must've been something that I asked him to do before/during the deployment because his response was along the lines of...

"Remember?  I was in Afghanistan for a year?" (in a very sarcastic tone)

And my response went something like "So?  I have cancer!"


Because what beats cancer?  NOTHING!


Yes, we both laughed at ourselves for the fact that we could even say something like that and now it's a running joke in our house.  See?  It's true that you CAN find the humor in any situation!

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