A thousand words - The Funny Thing About Cancer
Photo by Alex Stoddard
Do you ever see a photo and think "WOW!" but otherwise are left with a lack of words?

When I saw the above image, I was floored. 

It was like this artist saw into my soul and created this photograph just for me.

Now, I'm sure many people can look at this photo and in some way relate it to their own life, but for me, this photo captures my battle with cancer in a way my words never will.

My life is that cliff.  Cancer is the awaiting abyss below.  And my goal was to pull myself out of that abyss with the same amount of serenity that I see on that man's face.  I see no terror there.  No fear that his grip will falter and he will fall onto the rocks below.  Instead I see a quiet certainty that he will get himself out of that perilous place, stand up with a quirky grin on his face and say "Phew!  That was close!"

Right now, I'm beginning to feel that deep sense of hope and relief.  My port will be removed tomorrow, which is truly the end of treatment for me.  I've conquered every step of this battle.  I've pulled myself out of that abyss.  

There is still fear.  Fear that I will lose my footing and find myself hanging off that exact same cliff (I'm kinda clumsy sometimes), but I'm truly hopeful that in just 3.5 years, I can declare myself offically cured!  Oh what a wondrous day that will be!  Who wants to come to THAT party?!?! 

Anywho, I just wanted to share this striking photo with you that inspired me today.  To give credit where it is due, the man in this photo is Alex Stoddard.  He is an 18 year old photographer that recently completed a project he called "Project 365", where he produced a photo every day for a year.  The above photo is one of them.  You can see more of his work here.
6/28/2012 02:30:24 am

Will be thinking of you tomorrow, as always. Hope all goes well and that you're doing ok.

6/30/2012 03:26:33 pm

take that port and toss it as far as you can and never never go back.


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