AC can suck it! - The Funny Thing About Cancer
Just wanted to point out that I'm done with AC!!!!!

AC is reportedly the sucky drug cocktail in my treatment plan.  And I'm DONE!

I finished my fourth and final AC treatment on Friday.  If I had the guts to do it, I'd post a video on here of me doing a happy dance.  Instead, I'll leave you to imagine what that looks like.  Hint: it involves alot of the popular mid-90s dance moves... like "the sprinkler"!  WOOT WOOT!

I'm so happy to have this portion of my treatment done and over with.

So do a happy dance and say a little prayer of thanks that I made it through this with most of my sanity intact :)
3/15/2011 06:08:32 am

I am glad this part of the treatment is over for you. Enjoy every milestone to restored health. I know the wierd part of all this is you probably felt great when you started - so it is doesn't feel like getting healthy but it is.


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