Blog Archives - The Funny Thing About Cancer
What I'm about to tell you is both sad and funny at the same time.  Which kind of sums up cancer and all the other craziness that goes with treatment.

Yesterday, I got a brain MRI.  And I discovered I DO have a brain :)  Ba-dum-ching!

Why a brain scan?  Well, twice in the last 2 weeks, I randomly vomited.  Right around lunch time both times, I'd eat a little something, suddenly feel intensely full and end up vomiting.

Fun right?  Well the first time, I wrote it off as a random flu bug.  But the second time, I got concerned.  So I consulted Dr. Google.  Note to any readers, especially cancer survivors, Dr. Google is no one's friend.  Seriously, Dr. Google always results in cancer.  I wish I was kidding, but I'm not.  Seriously, type in "sore throat".  The first result from lists cancer as a possibility.

Note to self: avoid Dr. Google.  He's a quack!

So if you google "unexplained vomiting" or "random vomiting", within the first 5 search results is "brain cancer".  Right there!  On the page!  It says "brain cancer".

And this is when I threw up again (not really, but I kinda felt like it).

So I immediately emailed my oncologist with an email that went something like this.  "I've randomly puked twice in the last 2 weeks.  AND I GOOGLED IT AND IT'S BRAIN CANCER!"

OK, I was a little more reserved than that, but that was the gist of the email.

Now, my oncologist is a reserved kind of guy.  He doesn't like to order scans.  I don't get annual scans or anything else.  He believes (and I agree) that it's unnecessary exposure to additional radiation.  And sometimes these scans come back with false positives, which can lead to unnecessary stress and biopsies.

Anywho, my reserved, anti-scan oncologist ordered a brain MRI.

And I freaked out.  I sent a text to my cancer buddy who has the same doctor saying something like "Dr. Yee thinks I have brain cancer, I'm going to die!"

And she responded with "Tomorrow you're going to find out you got an MRI to diagnose a flu bug and you're gonna feel like an idiot."  (or something like that)

So yesterday, I got my MRI.  I prayed the whole time "please let this be nothing".

I went to see my doctor.  She immediately told me that the prelim looks really great and there is no cancer.


"BUT," she continued, "it does show you have a really bad case of sinusiitis."

Both Chris and I stopped, looked at her and I said "whats that?"


Holy cow.  I just had an MRI to diagnose a sinus infection.  A SINUS INFECTION!

I did have a cold, but I felt like I was coming out of it.  Apparently I was wrong.  And no, I didn't really have symptoms that would signal a sinus infection.  No sinus headache.  My nose wasn't runny anymore.  My ears had cleared out.  I was honestly starting to feel like my "cold" was over. 

My doc told me I'm "one tough cookie."

So now I'm on antibiotics and sudafed and feeling even better.

Granted, this still doesn't tell me why I'm vomiting.  But we're going to wait and see if it happens again before we do any additional testing.  But at least I know it's not brain cancer!

And yes, I really do find this all funny now.  I wasn't laughing yesterday morning, but this morning is bright and shiny and amazing and wonderful.  And I feel blessed and relieved and giddy.  And only a teensy bit embarassed :)