Buh bye hair! - The Funny Thing About Cancer
So I know lots of you have been wondering, "How does Cynthia look bald?  Is her head pointy?"

Answer is: I don't know yet.  That is because I still have all my hair.

Well... all the hair on my head that is.

On a related but seemingly random side note, I read a blog about a cancer patient that had shaved her arm pits sometime near a chemo treatment and ended up with this awful infection from some small, invisible cut she got.  Her immune system wasn't strong enough and she ended up in the hospital.  She survived it and all, but it TOTALLY freaked me out.  

Thus, the last time I did any "feminine grooming" was about 2.5 weeks ago.  

MAN am I hairy.

Seriously.  It's gross.  Thank goodness my husband isn't here b/c this might scar him for life.  I mean that, it might've given him nightmares.  I feel like a distant cousin of Sasquatch.

Moral of the story is that I've been a little on the fence about the hair loss thing.  It'll suck to have to worry about a head covering if I lose all my head hair.  But I'm not really diggin' the whole "european" look and I'm paranoid that if I shave anything, I'll end up with this awful infection and then I'll have THAT to deal with on top of everything else. 

What's a girl to wish for?  Hairiness or Hairlessness?

And then on Tuesday, the body hair started to go.

And I secretly cheered inside that I wouldn't be some freak of nature that lost all the hair on her head but had massively hairy legs and pits (yes, a very weird fear... but with my luck recently I wasn't dismissing it).

Now I'm secretly hoping I'll be a different type of freak of nature.  One that loses all the unwanted body hair but keeps the hair on her head :)

Yes, I know that's unrealistic, but a girl can dream right?

Anywho, my expectation is that after this weekend, I will probably be totally bald.  But please don't mourn my hair.  What did my mother say when I got a bad hair cut?  It's just hair!  It'll grow back!  Sure, keeping my hair would make life easier, but I'm not so emotionally tied to it that I'm dreading the loss.  Actually I'm freakishly interested to see what being bald is like.  This way when the Hubby goes bald, I can relate ;)

So sometime soon, the question will be answered.  Do I have a good head shape?  Stay tuned to find out (and yes there will be pictures)!
Karlene Johnson
2/11/2011 05:26:06 am

I am absolutely sure you will be beautiful!

2/11/2011 07:19:26 am

My favorite thing - a convertible ride with no hair - TOTALLY ROCKS!!!


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