Category: Birthday - The Funny Thing About Cancer
I'm 30.

Holy sh*t! 


OK, I'm not really freaked out at all.  No I don't feel old, I feel just like I did yesterday. 

But the fact that my age starts with a 3 now is totally wierd.

It's like when we moved from 1999 to 2000.  Starting the year with a whole new digit just took awhile to get used to.  Well now I have to start my AGE with a whole new digit!

I do have to admit I feel a little cheated though. 

30th birthdays are supposed to be BIG events involving dressing up in your most scandalous outfit, having a few drinks and going out dancing with a big group of girls that MAKE the fun wherever they go.... or was that just MY idea of a good time? :)

OK... so that was actually my birthday last year.  What can I say?  I had so much fun I think there should be a national dance party in honor of this very important day EVERY YEAR!

What?  You didn't know January 25th is national "Go Out Dancing In Honor of Cynthia Ericson's Birthday" day?

I'm not sure that whole title would fit on calendars... we might have to shorten it to GODIHCEB day... kind of like MLK day?

Yes, I just compared myself to MLK.  No I don't really think I'm that cool, he's just the only day I could think of that has a short little acronym for his national holiday.

Anywho, I've gotten totally off topic.  Nevermind, this blog doesn't really have a point.  After all the serious blogs I've written lately, I just felt the need to lighten it up a bit with my normal rambling, nonsensical inner dialog.

If you can't tell, I'm excited to be turning 30.  It's crazy and wierd, but exciting.  Here's to hoping that my 30s are even awesomer than my 20s!