DIE!! - The Funny Thing About Cancer



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For anyone who doesn't know me well, I have a little boy.  He is almost 2 years old and is in the process of learning how to talk.

As any parent can attest, this means endless hours of entertainment as you learn your kids language.  Every child has a few words that they just seem to have difficulty with.  As a parent, you learn what those words mean and you can respond accordingly.  So basically you learn a whole different language just so you can communicate with your child.

It's amazing how such a small human can train a grown adult :)

Anywho, one of the words that Caleb just cannot master is "bye".

Instead, when you say "Bye Caleb", he responds with "DIE!"  And he tells everyone to DIE with a big, sweet smile, a little wave, and maybe even a blown kiss.

I can't figure out why he has so much difficulty because he CAN make the B noise and his favorite song is "Bringing home my baby bumble bee".  I mean, he can say "baby" and "bee"!

But he still tells each of us to "DIE!" as we walk out the door.

Plenty of people (who aren't his parents) find this really funny.  I admit I chuckle at it too. 

But in light of the fact that I've been diagnosed with cancer and his daddy is currently in a war zone, methinks I need to have a little conversation with my son about this :)

I imagine it will go something like this:

Me: "Caleb, please don't tell me to die.  I really want to live FOREVER so that I can torture you when you bring your first girlfriend home with the many, MANY emabarassing videos and photos I've collected of you so far.  Seriously, I might have to set aside an entire night and do a whole video montage and slide show... what do you think?"

Caleb: "DIE!"

Me:  "Hmmmm... ok so maybe I deserved it that time."

It's little things like this that make me laugh.  My son loves me, he wants me to be around forever, but the irony of that one word is...well... priceless.

Much love and again, thank you for all the fun and funny gifts and cards I've recieved.  I feel infinitely loved and cared for.  Thank you.
1/21/2011 05:51:06 pm

Yeah, you totally deserved it in that example. I think he's telling the cancer cells to DIE! So, keep on with the speech impediment little slugger :) In other news, suddenly my daughter's only words are "no" and "dada"... off to make a photo montage of her naked pics as pay-back.


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