Girl-a-palooza 2011 - The Funny Thing About Cancer
Tomorrow I fly out to San Francisco for Girl-a-palooza 2011!

That is what we have dubbed our girls weekend in San Fran.

There are 6 of us... which is kind of alot... so it fits, yes?


My bags are packed.  Cute outfits are assembled.  Cuter shoes are all ready to go.  Bathing suit was added last night (for the hot tub at our AMAZING rental house).  I'm totally having difficulty focusing on ANYTHING other than this big event :)

Oh yeah... I also packed my running shoes and a running outfit... you know, for that half marathon thing.

I ran for an hour last weekend, so I'm about as ready as I'm ever going to get (which is not really at all).

More importantly, I'm ready for a semi-relaxing 4ish days with 5 other amazing women.  I look forward to great conversation, good food and amazing wine (here we come Napa Valley!).

What you can expect next week?
1. Lots of photos.
2. A blog about lymphedema... and the awesome compression sleeve I will be wearing on the plane (and maybe during the run).
3. Lots more photos... and maybe a review or two of some of the wine I get to drink.
4. Maybe a crazy story or two about my time with my girls.... but then again, what happens in san fran might STAY in san fran ;)  (yeah right, we're all old ladies now, our wild story will be about how we stayed up past 10)

And who knows... maybe we'll have to start planning Girl-a-palooza 2012.  Vegas anyone? (and yes, there is a half marathon there)
10/14/2011 08:22:32 am

Sounds like a BLAST Cynthia! Have fun! Enjoy LIFE!!!!


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