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What everyone knows about cancer is that people usually lose their hair during chemo.

What I never knew before I got cancer, was that lots of people do this in stages :)

By that I mean many women go from their "normal" haircut to a shorter "pre-chemo/surgery" cut and then finally go bald.  It's not really a gradual process, but alot of women seem to prepare themselves for baldness by at least going shorter with their cut than they're normally used to. 

I totally did this. 

So, on Valentine's Day, I thought I would post a little photo journal of my hair.  What it was like when Caleb was born... and then when I decided to go for the "mommy cut" and then after I was diagnosed...

Happy Valentine's Day!
Look at all that hair! Well past my shoulders.
The Mommy cut. I love this hairstyle...
The pre-chemo cut. Thank goodness this 'works' for me!
The big reveal... no hair!
2/14/2011 10:02:58 am

i promise you sunshine - it is just hair - btw - I think the mommy cut is cute too. Be careful with your eyebrows - wash them very gently - they don't always fall out - I lost mine 2 weeks after my last chemo - so I'll bet you're freezing - I was so freaking cold in the winter I couldn't stand it. Bald is beautiful especially with that big smile!!

2/14/2011 02:24:05 pm

So I see you too are worried about your hair loss, this is also a touchy subject for me. As the years go, I have started to notice a great migration of sorts, that you guessed, once started on top of my head and well, I'll just let you guess where it ends.... So my question to you is, how hairy is your back now??? Good thing for you, you're still beautiful without hair... Fortunately for me, I married before my predicament came to light... cause I'm not nearly as handsome.

2/14/2011 11:59:35 pm

Acutally, it really shows off your facial structure and you look gorgeous. Now, loose the muscle tee and I'll tell you that you're beautiful!

2/16/2011 02:31:39 am

2/19/2011 12:55:45 pm

Oh, I totally agree! Loose the muscle shirt. You've got a great head to show off. I've been loving your attitude through this. I can only hope I'd be so resilient in the same circumstances. Love you!

2/26/2011 02:35:39 am

Dude! I always knew you looked gorgeous no matter what you wore and now I know the same goes for your hair. You have an amazingly symmetrical head! (that's my analytical engineer complement) :D

3/3/2011 06:30:20 am

Cynthia...I think you look beautiful in each pic...you must just have the kind of face that goes with or without hair, regardless of style! Thinking about you...


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