Having cancer is kind of like being a supermodel - The Funny Thing About Cancer
OK, so maybe saying I'm like a super model is kind of like comparing vanilla pudding to creme brule.

BUT, here is what I mean.  You know how you look at models in magazines and think, they are SO BEAUTIFUL!  And then you remind yourself that they actually have a team of professionals that make them that beautiful?

Here's an example:
That's Tyra before and after makeup.  Before, she's cute.  After, she's stunning.

Being a cancer patient is kind of like that.  The other day Chris and I went out on a date.  My eyebrows are thin, my eyelashes fell out, I have no hair... so I had a little work to do.

First I put on my make up and darkened my eyebrows, then came the fake eyelashes... and then the fake hair.  And suddenly I looked like a normal girl again!  And I thought to myself, this must be how those supermodels feel.  You sit down in a chair looking pretty and 2 hours, lots of fake hair and makeup later, you're a knockout!

Here's an example of my transformation (excuse the lousy photography):
Just goes to show that with alot of make up and some fake hair, just about anyone can go from drab to fab! :)
7/23/2011 06:56:51 am

Ok, I fully expected to have to call you out on this blog post after such an incredible title... but you did it! I totally see what you mean, but Tyra... YIKES! I'm pretty sure I heard that she wears a wig 24/7. So there's one more example!

7/24/2011 09:43:15 am

Hope you had fun on you date. Part of recovering from cancer is finding your new normal, somehow acknowledging what happened to you and somehow forgetting about it for periods of time. Tell Chris hey!!


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