I think I peed my pants a little - The Funny Thing About Cancer
So here I am at work.

Taking my normal 10 minutes to blog stalk (that's code for read my friend's friend's blogs) and I found one blog that pointed me to this website.

Damn You Auto Correct!

Basically as I understand it, the iPhone has something called Auto Correct, which is kind of like spell check for texts?  I dunno, I don't have an iPhone and none of MY phones have the kind of dirty mind that AutoCorrect apparently does.

Anywho, this made me laugh really hard.  And since this whole blog is about laughter, I wanted the share. 

Be forewarned... AutoCorrect is seriously perverted so many of the texts have some sexual innuendo.  This is NOT for the faint of heart ;)

Hope you have a wonderful day!

PS  Click on the "Parents Shouldn't Text" option on the menu bar... that was hilarious too!  And maybe a little less perverted...

OK, I'll pick myself up off the floor and get back to work now :)
meg weiss
2/3/2011 01:13:29 pm

you should also check out www.crazythingsparentstext.com it makes me laugh out loud daily :o)


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