I'm crazy. No seriously. CRAZY! - The Funny Thing About Cancer
In 15 days, I will be making a trip to San Francisco.

In 17 days, I will be running the Nike Women's Half Marathon.

Because I'm crazy.

Because after 5 months of chemo and a bilateral mastectomy, I thought to myself "what could be more fun than to go run a half marathon?"

And honestly, I am SO looking forward to it :)

I'm not in good shape.  I'm no where close to running 13 miles.  But I cannot wait to do this.

Why?  Because I will be catching up with some of my best friends around the country (who like to run).  We're going to spend 3 days in San Fran and 1 day in Napa.  I get to enjoy intelligent, uninterrupted, adult conversation with 5 smart and amazing women.  Some of them I haven't seen in almost 5 years.

I'm sure you're thinking, "why don't you just do that WITHOUT the half marathon?"

The answer is simple, I'm not very good at giving myself presents.  If someone were to say "let's organize a girls weekend."  I'd say "that sounds like fun!"  But since there is no sense of immediacy or urgency, it would fall to the wayside and we'd never get together.  Or I'd be "too busy" or something would come up.  Bottom line is that somehow the weekend wouldn't happen.

BUT when you decide to sign up for a half marathon, there is no backing out.  You (usually) train your butt off for one of these things, so there is NO WAY you're going to let something pop up that will keep you from running it.  The amount of time and commitment it takes to get ready just makes it impossible to NOT go.

Plus.  It's the Nike Women's Half.  There is a lottery to select participants.  It's almost impossible to get INTO this thing.  Why?  Because there is a mile of chocolate.  And you get a Tiffany's necklace (instead of a medal).  And... it's, like, AWESOME!  I mean, you couldn't PAY me to miss this.  I've been fantasizing about this race since I started running half marathons!

So... in just a few short weeks, I will be in San Francisco enjoying the company of some of my favorite women.  And I will enjoy every moment of it, even if I'm simply strolling along the course (because I'm too tired to run). 

And you know what makes it even better?  Even if I'm not half marathon shape, I'm healthy enough to run.  I'm energetic enough to laugh my way through it.  And even if it's painful at times, it's still better than sitting in the chemo chair.

Life is good. 
9/30/2011 06:03:54 am

GO YOU! I'd run 13 miles for a Tiffany's necklace too :) Or more accurately, walk and talk for 13 miles! Enjoy yummy foods and eating w/o a toddler on your lap!

p.s. you truly look GREAT!

9/30/2011 03:22:56 pm

I am so excited for you!! I hope you have a wonderful time, you deserve it!!!!!

9/30/2011 10:59:30 pm

I didnt know there was chocolate! Now i really can't wait! And I love the hair. You can really rock the pixie. So honored to be running with you.

10/1/2011 12:26:24 pm

You just have a blast Cynthia. Let it be guilt free - Im sure Caleb and Chris will enjoy a boys weekend. Im excited for you.

10/2/2011 09:00:49 am

C, just keep singing "on the road again" when it gets tough, you know that made us run faster. I am sooo proud of you! :o)


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