Just an update - The Funny Thing About Cancer
The last 2 months has been a bit of a roller coaster from "nothing is going right!" to "Wow!  It's all falling into place!"

Like the fact that we called around for 2 months trying to find a mason would could fix the brick on the front of our house and NO ONE would call me back (seriously, drove me crazy).  But then suddenly, a realtor gave us a name, I called him, and he not only called me back, BUT he had a free week due to some delays on another job and he could fit me in right away!

It went from "why can't I get this to work!" to "Hallelujah!"

Or like the fact that little things kept just not quite going right around the house... such as a pipe that sprang a leak 2 days before we were going to list our house.  But THEN, our house was on the market for 2 days and we had 2 offers (from just 3 showings)!

And suddenly you think "all that work was SO worth it!"

Or, last example, the fact that you and your husband go on your first house hunting trip... and while you've narrowed it down to 3-4 homes, you are also somewhat fiercely divided on which house you want.  But during the 2nd househunting trip, the clouds part and you both agree that THIS house is the one!

And you ask the contractor "how much would it cost to finish the basement?" and he gives you a number far below your expectations.  So you decide to add the extra expense to the mortgage and move into a FULLY FINISHED HOUSE.  Which means NO MORE RENOVATIONS!!!!!!!  (insert sigh of relief here)

And again, its like things are just kind of sort of working out. 

And then, as soon as all the renovations, house hunting, and other stressful things are completed... I come down with allergies/cold.  UGH!  Why does that always seem to happen?  So I'm hoping that my luck continues and this is the shortest cold ever.

Anywho, things are going (mostly) right.  And it's exciting and amazing and wonderful.  So fingers crossed that things keep up.  And in just about 6 weeks, we are in the process of (or already done) moving to Iowa.

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