My readers rock! - The Funny Thing About Cancer
So, I'm kind of famous.  And by "kind of", I really mean "in my own mind".

Because like 100 people read this blog (sometimes)... nevermind that they're mostly family and friends :)

But sometimes I get a note from a reader that inspires me.  And keeps me here, blogging and sharing my experiences. 

Did you know that?  That I am actually inspired by you?

Seriously.  For every person that says "I'm so in awe of your positive attitude", it lifts me up and helps to keep me positive.  Because somedays it just ain't easy.  So thank you all for your continued support and sweet, thoughtful words.

Recently, someone I don't actually know in real life sent me a note.  He included some quotes that I want to share one that I loved.  A quote that inspires me.  Thank you, Graham, for sharing this with me.

"Sometimes good things fall apart so that better things can fall together." - Marilyn Monroe

I love this quote.  This quote is so full of promise and hope that it makes me smile.  Here's to better things falling together in my life!

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