Pause - The Funny Thing About Cancer




Someone (aka Mom) wanted to know where the photos and additional blogs from Girlapalooza are.

I've done some work on the blogs.  And I have photos, but I haven't taken time to download them.  All the awesome details are "in the works" but not yet ready for publishing.  Why?  I mean this is "on the edge of the seat exciting" kind of stuff right?  Why would I delay it?

Because I've been busy sewing.


Yes.  Sewing.

I recently found out that someone I love dearly is pregnant and due pretty soon.  And I love to sew baby stuff.  All baby stuff is small, and does not require fantastic tailoring skills... so I love making it.  Thus, I have been sewing up a storm for the baby gift!  My few hours of quiet time each night are now spent bent over a sewing machine whipping up burp cloths and swaddling blankets and pacifier leashes... and so maybe even a diaper bag? (still not sure if I'm going to tackle this one)  And I'm really enjoying it.  
What does this have to do with cancer?  Well nothing obvious.  But... this is something I would've never had the energy for during treatment.  I used to LOVE to sew.  I LOVE working on little projects.  But for the last year or so, my sewing machines have been pretty dormant (unless my mom was visiting and then she used them).  Being able to do this stuff again and really ENJOY and LOVE it... well it kinda makes me feel like I'm reclaiming my life a little.  Rediscovering some of my "lost" passions that I just didn't have the time or energy for during treatment.

It's just one more little thing that makes me feel alot more like myself.  More "normal".  Which is pretty awesome.

So when will you get to see photos of the race and stuff?  Soon.  Very soon.  Probably early next week... if not a little sooner.  But for now, I have to go be my crafty self. 
10/25/2011 07:19:00 pm

hold the space bar...?you have MORE THAN ONE SEWING MACHINE?! that means you can sew circles around me and my 40 year old machine. PICS AND TUTORIALS NOW NOW NOW (hey, I hang out with a lot of toddlers these days)

10/25/2011 08:12:22 pm

just happy you're happy


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