Something that made my day... - The Funny Thing About Cancer

In celebration of this day, I have a funny "boy" story to share. 

So Caleb came into work today because some of the ladies here love to see him.  I mean, what's not to love?  He's adorable.

One woman in particular, we'll call her J, just loves kids.  So whenever Caleb comes in, we go pay her a visit to make her smile.

When we got over there today, she had a story for Caleb.  It went a little something like this.

Caleb, I have a great story for you.  This story is about my children and the funny things they do.  I have 2 kids, a daughter that is in 6th grade and a son that is in 4th grade.  Well, my daughter, she can be mean.  She can say some really mean, awful things and she hurts my son's feelings.  So one of the days she said something really mean to my son and he got really upset, so he decided to play a trick on her.  You wanna know what he did?  He saw her nice clothes all laid out in her room and ready for school and...

He put TOOTHPASTE in her PANTS! 

At this point, I burst out laughing and started asking questions.  Which went something like this.

Me:  Wait, he put toothpaste in her pants?!?! 
J:  Yep.

Me:  Did she notice?  I mean she had to notice!  She didn't wear them to school like that, did she?
J:  Well I think it must've been around the knee area or below and I think it was like that gel toothpaste b/c it didn't dry out all day, it was just wet and sticky.  She just kept wondering why her pants felt wet/damp all day long.

Me:  THAT IS BRILLIANT!  HOW DID I NEVER THINK THIS UP WHEN I WAS A KID!!!!  Your son got your daughter to sit in pants with TOOTHPASTE in them ALL DAY at school! 

Caleb: (totally ignoring us and trying to play with the keys on the filing cabinet)

*sigh* this just takes me back to the days of my youth.  Being in a family of 6 kids, there is some creative stuff that is done in the name of revenge.  Like when of my sisters glued my eyes shut.  True story.

I just had to share and hope that you all get a smile from it like I did.  I hope that Caleb grows up with even half of the creativity displayed by J's son.  BRILLIANT!

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