Today sucks alot less - The Funny Thing About Cancer
Just wanted to say I'm feeling better today.

Actually I feel pretty normal today.

The whole being bald thing ruins the illusion of being normal, but if I had hair, I'd say I felt like any normal mom of an almost 2 year old.

OH!  Did I mention that to y'all before?  My son is turning TWO!!  tomorrow!!!



So you thought I was all freaked out about ME turning 30... well I'm super freaked out by my son turning 2!

I'm sure this is silly, but it's a little bittersweet.  Two seems to be the milestone when your baby becomes a toddler.  You stop counting their age in months.  The doctors appointments are fewer and further in between.  They learn how to speak and use a toilet (hopefully).  And, most importantly, they now have loudly voiced opinions and desires. 

A part of me LOVES that my baby is growing up.  I cherish watching him get bigger and I'm in awe of his intense desire and ability to learn.  He's such a little sponge right now and I sincerely feel like in 6 months, he could be smarter than me.  Not saying my kid is a genius, just saying that my brain cannot actually think up enough activities to keep him fully engaged and entertained. 

And then there are the days that I think he actually outsmarts me.  Like "Mom, look over there!  It's a bird!" and I look (because I'm gullible and I have Chemo-brain) and then he climbs the bookshelf and leaps off.  OK, not really, but that might be a recurring nightmare of mine.

What I'm trying to say is that this age is just terrifying and awe inspiring all at the same time.

I'm excited to see what the upcoming year brings (whether it be the terrific or the terrible twos) and I just hope I can keep Caleb alive for all of it.  Seriously.  He's a bit of a daredevil and I will consider myself a huge success if we make it to the age of three without any brain damage or broken bones.

Anywho.  Just wanted to say I'm feeling good and looking forward to my son's big birthday!  Thanks for all the kind words of support this week.
3/2/2011 03:55:45 pm

so glad you are feeling better!!! and will be feeling good for caleb's bday. Enjoy the day.

Katie Parsh
3/2/2011 09:26:01 pm


I found your blog through Julie's. I have a book suggestion for you...Heaven is For Real. I will keep you in prayer.


3/3/2011 01:44:50 pm

Happy birthday to your little boy...Annie is 18mo today...where does the time go...I wish we could hit pause even though I love each new thing she does...I hope you have a great day with him!


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