And all I got was this lousy T-shirt - The Funny Thing About Cancer
So good news.  We are WELL on our way to meeting our $2,500 goal for fundraising.  We already have over $1000 collected and we're planning on having a fundraising dinner next week. 

This has been so much fun.

I really mean that.  It's been fun to see my coworkers just take this whole fundraising thing to the next level.  In FACT 4 other men offered to shave their heads as well!  So it's on a bit of a graduated scale.  If we raised $500 by last Friday, my friend Warren would shave his head.  If we raise $1000 by this Friday, 2 more guys lose their hair.  So you get the idea of how this works.  In the end, it'll be 5 bald men... and EVERY SINGLE TIME I think about that, I laugh. 

It's awesome.

And it's STILL growing.  So now our communications manager is contacting local press to come be apart of it.  For two reasons, first to get more publicity for Hope Lodge.  And second, so we have loads of video and photos of the baldness :)

Thus, my old boss decided that maybe we should get some shirts made up for the baldies.  You know, since they'll be on TV and all.  My coworker Sarah (the brains behind the operation) and I were charged with coming up with some great slogan for the T-shirts.

Not being terribly inventive right now, I went onto the internet to see what I could find.  And boy oh boy, there were some GREAT ones.  And then there were some even BETTER ones that were wildly inappropriate.

Here are some examples of the ones we thought were both appropriate and entertaining:
1. Don't let Breast Cancer steal second base!
2. Bald... it's the new blonde.
3. I'm having a NO HAIR day.
4. I lost my hair, not my sense of humor.
5. Does this shirt make my head look bald?

Some that were not so appropriate, yet very entertaining:
1. Save a life, grope your wife.
2. F*ck cancer!
3. Chemo: about as cool as a honeymoon handjob.

And ones that I just find entertaining for myself:
1. I lost my boobs... I think I put them in my purse somewhere.
2. Looking for an assman.
3. I have chemobrain, what's your excuse?
4. I pay my oncologist BIG BUCKS for this hairstyle!
5. The chemo made me do it!
6. Of COURSE they're fake... the real ones tried to kill me!

I'm sure not all of these makes sense to y'all, especially considering I haven't yet touched on topics like chemobrain (chemo makes you dumb... D-U-M).

We're not quite sold on ANY of the sayings above for our Cancer Boyz, so if you come up with any others that are funny, please feel free to post them here.

On another note, remember when I asked for funny hat suggestions?  Well someone put a link to THIS in my comments section.  Yes.  It's a knit cap that looks like a BOOB.  Do you think that'd be inappropriate as a gift for all the guys shaving their heads? :)
3/18/2011 02:58:55 pm

What kind of place do you work? These people sound HILARIOUS! I'm a fan of all of the slogans, especially the inappropriate ones (honeymoon handjob!!!). All I'm coming up with right now is something like, "Go ahead... RUB IT!". But that's not exactly appropriate either.

meg weiss
3/18/2011 05:22:58 pm

I'm always a fan of "save the ta-tas"

3/19/2011 07:39:40 am

Love them!!!
I think ''s the new BLONDE' would fit well for the guys! Especially considering all the flack I take for being blonde!
Love the ideas, any will look fantastic on the pink shirts, the guys will love the pink!

3/19/2011 08:36:11 pm

I like Save a life, grope your wife. I don't think it's that inappropriate. If you must, Don't let Breast Cancer steal second base! would be awesome, too.

And a bug YES to the boobie hat. Sharon is a friend of mine. When she asked if you would be offended, I told her absolutely NOT!

3/21/2011 06:07:38 am

How about?

My hair was a GIFT for "the GIRLS"

4/28/2011 12:08:46 am

I like F*ck cancer and The chemo made me do it! Hi there, I'm Dawn's cousin(technically 2nd, but whatever to all the stratification crap.) Anyway, I love Dawn, I love her children, grandchildren, so that means I love you too. We haven't met I don't believe, but maybe we will some day. From all I know and have read, I think you will be around for a long time. Actually, you need to be around for a long time. I believe there important things you are supposed to do in this life. I'm happy Christopher is back home with you (no he won't remember me, only Dawn will.) I hope to be there for the walk on the 8th. Please take care of yourself. Kris

8/3/2011 03:34:59 pm

Thankfully, I have received a lot of support while going through treatment. Sometimes I even use it as an excuse for special treatment.... Or to get out of doing something i don't want to do. (shock!) Hence:

"If I have to have cancer in my milk glands, I'm gonna milk it!"


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