And cue the Happy Dance - The Funny Thing About Cancer
Just wanted to say... my husband is expected home in the next 7 days.

That's all.

OK, I lied, that's not all.  HE'S COMING HOME!!!!!!!!  HE'S COMING HOOOOOMMMEEEEE!!  (imagine me jumping up and down in circles and maaaaaaaybe even doing the running man)

MAN am I excited!

You know, last April, I told myself, "It's just a year.  We just have to get through a year, what can happen in a year??!?!"

HA!  HAHAHAHAHAH!  Lesson learned: do not tempt fate by asking silly questions like "What can happen in a year?"

Anywho, no one is more excited than I am that this year is coming to a close.  Personally, I feel like this has been one of the most difficult years in my life.  I am very much looking forward to putting it behind me and turning the corner into what will hopefully be a year filled with hope and joy.  The hope and joy that can only be brought by spending time with your family :)

Hurray for todays and tomorrows with those that you love.
4/11/2011 03:50:51 pm

Thank God and I mean literally Im thanking God for bring Chris home to you and Caleb.

4/11/2011 08:45:07 pm

WOOHOOOOOO!!! So excited for your family! I am doing a happy dance for you, not unlike the happy dancing you did the night you met Chris :)

4/12/2011 09:33:16 am

It's been A YEAR? Time flies... when it's your friend's hubby that's gone ;) so glad your year is coming to a happy close! And if you ever have a year that's half as bad as this year... I will personally beat up God!


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