Just plain silly - The Funny Thing About Cancer
What would you do if you saw me wearing this:
Yes.  That is a hat in the shape of a moose.  Just call me Bullwinkle.

My hope is that you would laugh.  Or at LEAST crack a smile.

What I've found about being bald, is that as much as I have to get used to it, so does EVERYONE ELSE that sees me on a daily basis.  In particular, my coworkers. 

Thus far, my coworkers have been amazing about the whole cancer thing.  They've all been crazy supportive and awesome and I've gotten more offers than I can count for lawn mowing or snow blowing or frozen pre-made meals.  And let me tell you I am SO taking advantage of it.  I'm wondering if I can convince anyone to come scoop dog poop in a few months when the snow is gone ;)

When I went bald, I wasn't sure what to expect.  Would they say anything?  Should I wear a wig?  A scarf?  Could I somehow break the ice and help everyone realize this is NOT the end of the world for me?

So I bought the moose hat.  And a bear hat (for the days when I'm in a bad mood... I'm a bear!  Hehehehe.)

And it helped.  I got some great laughs out of people and the awkwardness is gone.

But ONE person totally surprised me.  He walked into my office and sat down and didn't even bat an eye.  He just started up a conversation about whatever it was he had a question on and acted like I didn't have a MOOSE ON MY HEAD!

I wanted to see how far he'd take it, so I just acted like I didn't look ridiculous.

And after we were done discussing our business, he said thanks and walked out.  No joke.  No smile.  Nuthin!

I wanted to stop him and say "seriously?!?!  I HAVE A MOOSE ON MY HEAD!!!!!!!"

I'm sure he was just trying to be nice.  Or maybe he just doesn't know how to react.  At first I thought, "maybe I should tell him he's allowed to laugh and it won't offend me."  I mean, he is one of the nicest guys in my office who always has a smile for everyone...

But instead, I've decided this is a challenge.  By not laughing, it totally turned this into a contest.  How completely ridiculous can I look and have him not laugh? 

So here is my plea, help me find the most ridiculous hat/headcovering!  Put a link/picture in the comments section and we'll figure out what the best option is and I'll wear it to a meeting with him :)

I can't go bald and not find some way to have fun with it :)  I MUST PREVAIL!
2/16/2011 05:35:36 pm

REALLY... you want us to think of something MORE RIDICULOUS than that hat? Impossible! You're gonna have to resort to body painting... hmmm... Easter is coming up... how 'bout a nice painted egg on your noggin?

2/16/2011 06:19:22 pm

LMAO! I find it so hard to believe he didn't laugh, or say something! What about a dead animal fur - like they wear a bockfest?! :) When you go to area meetings, I have a few ideas: A cowboy hat would be hilarious to wear to a meeting in South Dakota and a cheese hat to wear to Wisconsin.

Karlene Johnson
2/17/2011 09:25:20 am

Cynthia, if that moose didn't work, I don't know what will----but Kris and Pam are going to Mobile and New Orleans for Mardi Gras, so maybe the could pick up one of those headdresses from the parade?

2/18/2011 12:28:32 pm


2/19/2011 07:50:57 pm

How about a holiday theme. St Patty's day's coming up. Here's a leprechaun hat.

This one comes with a beard...

Is someone's birthday coming up?

The alien from Toy Story?

Or Horton?

3/10/2011 08:20:41 pm



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