My Mother's Day - The Funny Thing About Cancer
So this post is a little late. 

It's cancer's fault.  OK, not really, but I intend to blame everything on cancer for as long as I can :) 

This mother's day, I spent the day with family and friends doing the Susan G Komen Race for the Cure in Sioux City, IA. 

My mother-in-law organized a big group of family and friends as a display of support for me during this crazy experience.  I think when all was said and done, there were over 20 of us that took part in the race.

Isn't that crazy?  More than TWENTY people, familly and friends came out in support of the fight against breast cancer and specifically MY fight with breast cancer.

I mean, before being diagnosed with cancer, I just never thought I was that cool.  I knew people generally liked me, but I didn't expect people to go out of their way or give up time to show their support for this battle. 

And I know it's not all about me.  I know that this is also in support of Chris' family (who has to go through this with me) and for all the other people that THEY know that have been affected by cancer.

But on my Mother's Day, there were 5 or 6 other moms who gave up their special day of breakfast in bed and relaxing at home to get to Sioux City by 7:30 in the morning to run/walk 3.1 miles... and that's just awesome.

I felt honored.  And a little bit overwhelmed.  Because it's still hard to wrap my head around the sheer number of people out there that have carried me through this battle with their support and love. 

I'm not talking about 30 or 40 people, I'm pretty sure the numbers top a few hundred people have directly done something to support me during the past 5 months.  There have been my coworkers (over 100 people made donations during our donation drive), my immediate family, my extended family, friends of my family (church members, their friends, my mom's sewing group, people from my childhood church), my friends from high school, friends from college, and complete strangers that I've never met before like my Chemo Angels. 

I've gotten cards, quilts, blankets, candles, candy, emails, and so many other gifts from SO many people. 

And I seriously don't know how I would've made it through this without all of that.  I cherish every card that is sent (I've saved them all).  I take my quilts with me to chemo.  I cry every time someone sends me an email telling me that they wish me the best during this time. 

And most of the time, I have no idea how to adequately say thank you.  How do you say thank you for the funny card that made you laugh on the day that you felt totally defeated?  How do you say thank you to the people that put so much love into a prayer quit that covers you and keeps you warm during your weekly trips to chemo?  How do you properly thank the twenty-something people that came to Sioux City, IA on Monther's Day to just show their support for you and your family?

The answer is that there is no way I can possibly thank these people often enough.  So I say thank you.  And I'll say it again here in as public of a forum as I can manage, THANK YOU!  You can never imagine how much your support means to me.  It touches my heart every single time.  Thank you.

And a BIG thank you to everyone who made my Mother's Day so incredibly special.  Thank you Dawn for organizing this and making it a Mother's Day to remember.

Here are pictures of my "crew" during the big event:

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