NO CHEMO FRIDAY!!!! - The Funny Thing About Cancer
It's Friday!  And it's summer!  Which for most of the world would be enough of a reason to celebrate.

BUT I have an even bigger reason!


For the past 12 weeks, I have been in the chemo chair every single Friday.

And for the 8 weeks before that, I was either getting chemo, or feeling like crap from the previous week's chemo.

So I don't think I can tell you how excited I am to NOT have chemo this Friday!!!!!! 

I feel like I should do something crazy.  But I don't know what to do!  Maybe bungee jumping?  Skydiving?  Running through the mall yelling "chemo is over!  CHEMO IS OVER!" while throwing confetti in the air?  All of those seem a little extreme...

So maybe I'll just go home a little early to hang with Caleb.  And if the weather is warm enough, maybe we'll break out the slip and slide.  And if we're feeling REALLY crazy, maybe we'll go get some ice cream!!! 

Either way, today is the first day that it feels real.  That Chemo really is OVER.  I finally have my Friday back and I couldn't be happier!
6/18/2011 09:08:15 pm

Well even if you do decide to do one of those crazy things (bungee jumping or skydiving or whatever), you let me know. I'll be your partner in crime! ;)

6/18/2011 09:51:17 pm

even better - you don't have cancer


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