This is how I roll (AKA I'm A ROCKSTAR) - The Funny Thing About Cancer
I wish this was a deeper blog.  But I'm tired, so it's going to be VEEEEERRRRY superficial.

You know how I said I was traveling the past few days (or like all freaking week)?  Well, here was my means of transportation:
Yeah.. THAT'S RIGHT!  It's the company jet!

So when I told y'all I got a promotion a few months ago, you didn't realize it was like THAT did ya? :)

OK, so I might be exagerrating my awesomeness and the level of my promotion... I'm not THAT cool. 

Basically I had to travel with 6 other managers in from my office to 6 research stations and 4 production stations in 4 days.  That's 10 different cities in 4 days.  Which equals 12 flights.  Did I mention that the cities were in 5 states?  Minnesota, Iowa, Wisconsin, North Dakota and South Dakota. 

I'll admit, I feel kind of like a rockstar when I say that.  Only a rockstar would say "I'm going on tour, I'll be in 10 cities in 4 days!"

It really wasn't that glamorous though.  The jet has 8 seats.  They're in 2 groupings of 4.  So of the 4 seats, 2 face forward and 2 face the back of the plane... which means for the duration of the flight, you're staring at someone.  It's not awkward at all.  Especially when they fall asleep with their head back and you can see straight up their nose.  True story.

To drop all the sarcasm, it was fun and exhausting and overwhelming.  Before this trip, I had never been to any of these facilities.  I honestly didn't even know that much about the research/production side of our business, which I'm a little ashamed to admit.  So I took this as a great opportunity to learn as much as I could and annoyingly asked about 5,000 questions.  If you want to know the dumbed down version of plant breeding and production, let me know, I can muddle my way through it.  And the people I travelled with were alot of fun.  We're not exactly the shy type that doesn't talk.  Nooooo, we're the type that has the sense of humor of 12 year old boys and laughs at stupid things and makes fun of one another incessantly.  So it wasn't boring.

Another funny story that demonstrates the sense of humor that we had.  We have to sign into all the sites we went to.  When one guy was checking us in, he noticed that someone that had signed in previously had the name of "Dick Kass".  Say it outloud.  Say it fast outloud.  Get it?  We seriously laughed about that for like 15 minutes.  Granted that was on day 3 when we were all a little loopy and exhausted so maybe it's not as funny as I thought it was.

So that was my week.  I learned alot, ate a TON of amazing food, flew on the company jet, got to know some cool guys alot better, and generally had a good time.  But I'm glad it's over.  I'm glad I'm home.  And I'm happy it'll be another year before I have to do that again.

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