Wanted: Nipple Tattoo Artist - The Funny Thing About Cancer
So lately I've been thinking more and more about getting my nipples done.

No, I'm not doing actual nipple reconstruction that will leave me with a bump for a nipple.  This would leave me with permenanat "high beams" or "tic tacs" in my bra... and I'd say the lack of worrying about my nipples showing through clothing is one of the few good things of cancer.

So no actual nipples for me.

Instead, I'm interested in doing "3D nipple tattoos".  Don't worry, they hopefully won't require special eyeware to "see" the 3D effect.  Instead, the tattoo is hopefully so well done, that most people won't notice that I'm nipple-less.

Still confused?  Here is a photo of work done by Vinnie Myers (a tattoo artist who does this alot):
Tattoos and images from Vinne Myers
Disclaimer 1: those are not my boobs.
Disclaimer 2: I will not be posting photos of my boobs... my husband would divorce me if I did so.

Anywho, those are just tattoos!  There is no actual nipple!  Anyone else think that's kinda crazy?

So that's what I deam of getting done someday.  There is just ONE problem.  There aren't many 3D nipple tattooists out there.  Seriously.  I'd say less than 20 that advertise any experience with this in the entire US.

And I really don't want to have gone through this entire reconstruction process to have someone mess up my foobs with bad tattoos.

So I'm currently hunting for the perfect tattoo artist. 

But the conversation is kind of awkward.  You call the shop and here is what the conversation goes like:

Me: Hi!  I'd like to get a tattoo.
Tattoo person (whom I imagine is hairy and biker-y): Ummm.  OK.  Of what?
Me: Nipples.
Tattoo Person: Nipples?
Me: Yes, nipples.
Tattoo person:  Ummm... Okaaaaayyyy.

OK.  I'll admit it, I haven't actually called any tattoo parlors.  In part because I've convinced myself that my initial conversation will go exactly as I've laid it out above.  I'm sure that I'm totally wrong.  And that most tattoo parlors are used to getting strange requests.  And yet, the thought of making that call makes me mildly ill.

So I'm relying on email instead! 

I emailed an artist just today.  Her name is Megan Hoogland and she is an award winning tattoo artist.  And she lives in... mankato?  I have no idea how I managed to find such a gifted tattoo artist in our small-ish town of 40K people, but I'm hoping she responds with something other than "nipples?  That's the wierdest request I've ever gotten..."

Anywho.  I'll let you know how my "interviewing" goes.  And I'm sure I will blog about any upcoming tattoo parlor trips before they happen... if I ever get up the guts to get it done.
Patricia (Pat)
7/9/2012 12:41:36 pm

Wow! Those pics are really quite amazing. I say, GO FOR IT!

I have what I call "my zipper" -- a scar from just two months ago having a 22-pound mass cut out of my belly -- well from under my bra line to down into my, umm, privates. Oh, and it turned out to be ovarian cancer. Very early stage, thank goddess or deity or whomever.

Anyway, just wanted to tell you that I found your blog shortly after the diagnosis and it helped raise my spirits. Still doing through some of the initial shock and not even half-way done with chemo yet, but really it has helped to read about your journey.

And tattoos are fun! I'm not a biker-chick at all, just a middle-aged chick from Minneapolis, just so you know. And if they'd make your feel better about your foobs, I say go for it!

7/9/2012 08:46:21 pm

Let me pick my jaw up off of the floor! Those aren't real? AMAZING! And I almost want to call the ghetto place where I had my nose ring done and ask this particular question!

Nicky Fuller
11/22/2013 08:44:25 pm

I am a tattoo artist located in Rochester MN and would sincerely love to be able to help all you courageous women. I just don't know how to go about getting started. I know how I learned to tattoo, I found a really great trusting friend that let me "practice" on them., this was of course after many hours of tracing things on paper, and ALOT of time watching someone else tattoo. I've been looking at all kind of examples on-line and reading up as much as I can. I have been tattooing for approximately 10 years.This isn't always an industry where people like to help you get your foot in the door. At one time I was approached by a lady who wanted me to try this on her but her illness never allowed this to happen. I recently met the most positive lady who fights with breast cancer until it almost just seems unfair, but she is the most positive person I know. Her surgeries have left her without a toenail on her big toe. She came into my shop for a regular tattoo and by the end of that tattoo I had agreed to go on "Join The Journey"a benefit walk she was in town for....I also suggested I would love to tattoo her a toenail. She was so excited and so was I. The feeling that I could make this person so happy by doing something just a bit out of the norm of everyday work was great. Now her disease isn't allowing us to do this right now but hopefully by sandal weather she can get a pedicure to match the hot pink toenail she wants. I would love to help other ladies or men. I couldn't ask for a better career but to know how doing something that I do everyday sometimes for foolish reasons could be such a boost to someones life just excites me, it seems we would both get great joy from this procedure. My problem is where to start. I have a strong background in tattooing now I just need to find another one of those great friends to share this with. When you mentioned free tattoo people lined up, so I guess that is where I am willing to start again.... I need a new friend or two that would be willing to work with me at no cost to them. So that is the offer. Contact me at Email listed and we will start by seeing if we can get comfortable enough to proceed and try this new experience together.

10/12/2014 04:04:28 am

I just wanted to say thank you for your blog. I was diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer and last week was my first Chemo. I was looking for tattoo artists that specialize in nipples and came across your blog. It was such an inspiration to me. Thank you so much for writing it.


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